Wondering where to buy cheap chocolates in Dubai in this 2021 year? Find Six such shops/supermarkets from where you can buy buy chocolates at cheapest price. When you are looking to find where to satisfy your sweet tooth for a chocolate craving, here’s what you can do. Reach out to the best and cheaper chocolate joints in Dubai that we provide you on this list.

Cheapest chocolates store in Dubai

Alison Nelson

For a juicy treat of chocolate bars that reminds you of the flavors of the past, opt for the Alison Nelson. They have got these mouth filling, creamy confectioneries that had graced the coffee tables in the yester years. And what’s more! They are constantly bringing out new delicacies of the best quality and of the freshest ingredients every time. So every time you long for some great chocolate opt for the Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar, located in the Souk Al Bahar that would serve you the most premium chocolates, tea, coffee and other baked food.

They all have the best natural ingredients. Some of their signature items made by the top chocolate artists and makers include the peanut butter, jelly truffle, salty pretzel retro bar and hot chocolates that are spicy! What is best about them is they appear in Graffiti bars wrapped by artists from Big Apple. Take a bite off those homemade digestive biscuits topped with dark chocolate and marshmallow. Yummy!

Cacao Sampaka

Cacao Sampakais the unique chocolate brand that hails from Spain. It is a renowned brandwith the most unusual flavors in chocolates like curry truffles chocolate and chocolate sandwiches. Cacao Sampaka brand is available at the lower ground floor of the Dubai Mall. The slightly sweet bitter chocolates and a bit sultry is the talk of the town and a serious brew. These chocolates are the life of any party with their newer tastes and flavor.

Forrey and Galland

The best luxury chocolates are the creations of two French chocolatiers who had revived a Parisian brand with these sophisticated handmade chocolates. These offer a unique French heritage to the UAE packed chocolates. They sell an assortment of chocolates, Arabic sweets, macaroons and dates. They also sell a wide variety of pastries and other confectionary. The Forrey and Galland chocolate brand is all about new flavors. They have induced the French chocolate making skills with a selection of unique flavors to become confectioners of excellence. They follow the secret recipe of the Omani Halwa to make the famous Halwa chocolates that adds a zing to all chocolate lovers’ taste buds.


Patchi is a popular  name on the lips of many UAE nationals. You find a display of these chocolates in offices, homes and gatherings. Patchi is a Lebanese brand of delicious thick chocolate which fall into the classic and deluxe lines. More so the coffee lovers just bask in the cacao-espresso coffee beans flavors that pop into your mouth, of course with a sugary boost. Patchi is easily available at the stores in Dubai.


Neuhaus, the creator of the famous Belgian Praline in 1912 and also the Belgian Ballotin some years later has been a respectable brand in chocolate making down the years. It has always created a great range of chocolates for the palate. With their excellent craftsmanship and knowhow and with the best ingredients that they provide they have internationally grown.

All the Neuhaus chocolates are made in Brussels in their own ateliers. Besides, the famous brand is an official supplier of chocolates to the Royal Court of Belgium. You can choose from the list of delicacies like the Manon Noir which is a mousse of intense and deep dark chocolate. You have the cottage fresh cream called the Manon Choco Café. Then there is the dark and sinful Manon Orange with pieces of orange from Valencia on a rich dark chocolate. Vanilla with a pecan nut on top and caramelized nuts of a whopping fresh cream are some on the big list to choose from.

Chocolates from the Dubai Airport

The Dubai airport is also a great place to buy duty-free chocolates from. You can get assortment of chocolates in attractive gift boxes at dirt-cheap prices because your buy is duty-free. You can buy well-known brands like Toblerone, Stork, Godiva and so on.


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