Top Things To Know About Dubai Meena Bazaar

If you are visiting Dubai this year and you are a shopaholic, then, you heaven lies in Meena Bazaar. Starting from unique jewellery, and accessories, you will get to shop for clothes and much more.

Dubai Meena Bazar Shop

You must have visited other parts in Dubai by now, but you must never miss Meena bazaar as it is the place which is touched by tradition, and you will never be bored even though you just roam around without buying anything. So, here, let’s check out the best things about Meena Bazaar.

The history of Meena bazaar

The first name of Meena Bazaar was the Cosmos lane. However, the cab drivers started with the name Meena Bazaar, just because you will find the stream of jewellery stores and textile shops here. This place on Al Fahidi road then took the name of Meena Bazaar just the one in India’s capital Delhi. In the 1970s a Bur Dubai shop altered its name to Meena Bazaar from Shardha Trading, and from then the title stayed. Nowadays, Meena Bazaar is an ideal alternative for antiquated shopping in Dubai.

How to reach Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is a shopping region found near Khalid Bin Waleed Street in Bur Dubai. You can arrive via vehicle there are a few parking garages in the zone however getting a parking spot resembles making it big.

For a more peaceful shopping at the Meena Bazaar utilize the open transportation arrange. You can without much of a stretch arrive by transport, C7 stops at the Faheidi, Roundabout or utilize the Dubai Metro and get off at Al Fahidi Metro Station 2 on the green line.

Shopping at Meena Bazaar

Thousands of people gather here at Meena Bazaar to shop for gold and clothes. As the place is very safe and secure, you will never have the fear of getting robbed. You can shop here with ease always. The most mesmerizing thing here the gold shops. You will never get tired of looking at the intricate designs of jewellery. Although the making charges are pretty high, you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying at least one piece of jewellery.

In the year of 1982, the main jewellery retailer opened here. After that, some gold shops emerged from the Deira gold market and settled in this area, as the rent was lower. In recent days, the shopping area in Meena Bazaar is filled with precious stone and gold shops where you can purchase adornments at deep discounted.

The textile market is here of another wonder. You will get to see the South Asian wave here, and this clothe market is situated near Al Fahidi, Al Musalla, and Al Ghubaiba streets.

The stores are usually adorned by the display of zari and brocades and the silk material of the clothes will steal your heart for sure. Other than these, you will get leather bags, exotic perfumes, and designer shoes.

For the clothes, you will get every colour and texture you were looking for. You just have to enter one shop and look at the ocean of clothing, and the price is not that high.

Eateries in Meena Bazaar

All that shopping, and bargaining has been tiring, and you want to eat something delicious. Not to worry, as you will find plenty of street food to cafes in this place. You will find foreigners enjoying the Dubai cuisine, and it will make you step into those cafes too.

Also, you must try lassi and falooda in the street food corners. You will find samosas, jalebis, vegetarian fast food and so many options to soothe your hunger issue. Try the hot coffee in Meena Bazaar and you will be recharged to shop more!

Parking at Meena Bazaar

This is the thing that might give you a headache. You will not find a good shopping area in this market. All you have to do is to park your car far outside the place and then walk back to the place after you are all tired and sweaty from the long walk. However, there is paid parking available nearby, and that will cost you AED 10 per hour.

The reason for the scarcity of the parking space is, the alleys and the roads of Meena Bazaar are too narrow, and it can hardly fit a car. So, you just have to experience the market by walking.

Shopping in a foreign city is always a splendid experience. Then, when you are in Dubai, you will get your dream destination for shopping. Among the best places, Meena Bazaar is a place worth visiting.

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