Al Seef Dubai Creek

History of Al Seef

Al Seef was launched in 2017, specifically aimed at reviving and mingling the old and new culture of Dubai. In the 19th century, Dubai had none of these modern advancements; the residents lived in the harsh conditions of the desert. It was a primitive life before the city transformed itself into one of the richest cities in the world. Now Dubai stands as an unshakable pillar for the advancement of the UAE. Statistics show that in 2018, the city recorded a figure of 15.93 million international overnight tourists.

Tourism has been the strongest point of growth for the country consistently over the years. Al Seef has been contributing steadily to the rise in tourism in the country; there has been a strong surge in international tourism after Al Seef was inaugurated in 2017.

Al Seef is the blend of Old and New Dubai. Situated close to the 1.8 km of Dubai Creek’s stately shoreline, Al Seef has two distinctive sections. The first section reflects Dubai’s rich heritage as it was in the 19th century, while the other section features the contemporary structures in the city. The project pays respectful homage to how much the city has grown while also not forgetting its roots and primitive cultures. The contrast in these two sections is pleasing to witness and portrays both the old and new Dubai with equal importance.

The modern site has a reflection of contemporary Dubai with its shopping centers and state-of-the-art hotels. On the other hand, the other section shows Old Dubai and its heritage, where there are narrow alleys, buildings designed to give off vibes of the past, and open-air floating markets. The beautiful traditions of the old and new merge systematically in this place that reflects the core value of the city – never forget the past no matter how far you go.

What to do in Al Seef Dubai

  • There are various shopping centers and markets in the area with the perfect blend of cultures and satisfy all types of shoppers.
  • Taking a walk through the Al Seef in itself can be a relaxing pastime, where one can explore the heritage of Dubai. There are lots of walkways, fully operational marinas, and diving boulevards. Wandering through the streets of Al Seef gives tourists a good understanding of the culture of Dubai.
  • Al Seef offers yacht mooring facilities and water taxi services that give good views of the 1.8 km stretch of the entire shoreline. People take these ferries often to conduct photoshoots and enjoy the view of the creek in privacy.
  • Tourists also rent bikes and bike around Al Seef. The views of the creek are stunning, and riding through the widening and narrow alleys in the area can be exhilarating.
  • Al Seef has various foodie hotspots covering various types of dishes from traditional Arabic food to Japanese cuisines. Anyone who visits Al Seef must definitely try the restaurants to grasp the cultural diversity in Al Seef. One can also enjoy Dhow cruise dinner by the creek with great views that the city has to offer.
  • Al Seef Dubai timings are from 10 AM to 10 PM; it is advisable to plan your trip accordingly.



Al Seef Dubai Creek Restaurants

Myriads of restaurants have come up in Al Seef that attracts international tourists throughout the year. Whether you want to sip kadak chai from the famous Kava and Chai coffee house or have a relaxing meal by the creek in one of the restaurants, everything is possible here. The Al Seef Dubai Creek restaurants offer both good food and the perfect view, the perfect combo. Tourists enjoy a good meal in 961 B, the most famous Lebanese Bar and Restaurant that was one of the first outlets to open in Al Seef. 961 B calls itself the “best of both worlds,” and rightly so. There are other restaurants in the area, ranging from modern ice cream parlous like Basikn Robins to restaurants like Al Hamidieh that claim to have the “best Arabian specialties in the UAE.”


Al Seef Hotels Dubai

Fancy spending a night in Al Seef? There are various hotels in the creek that has some breathtaking views of the creek. It would be a wholesome experience to stay overnight in one of these hotels and have a special dinner with your loved ones. Canopy by Hilton Dubai Al Seef is one of the most strategically placed and best hotels in all of Dubai. With the proper views, friendly staff, and welcoming ambiance, the hotel can be chosen for both business and pleasure. It also has a rooftop pool with an amazing view of the city. There is also a smaller version of this hotel right next door called Hampton by Hilton Dubai Al Seef. Al Bandra Rotana, Al Seef Heritage Hotel, and Sheraton Dubai Creek are other good hotels in the locality; most of these hotels have views of the creek.


The Perfect Mix of the Old and the New

Al Seef is the perfect tourist destination for everyone who wants to experience the rich cultural heritage of Dubai. The rulers of the city have always been conscious of their values never to let the heritage of the city being overtaken by modernization. That is evident with their decisions like commercializing camel racing to protect the heritage of camels from slipping into the past or the Al Seef project that shows tourists the past of Dubai. The rulers of Dubai have time and again shown that no amount of skyscrapers or technological advancements will stop them from respecting the rich heritage of the city.

Al Seef is the perfect blend of the old and new, and this has offered lots of economic opportunities for local businesses in the area. The project is also a showcase of how much Dubai has grown in such a short period, from a seemingly poor city to one of the richest cities in the world. The transformation of Dubai plays a vital role in its economic growth. Tourism has constantly been on the rise in the city. Newer and grander concepts like Al Seef not only aim at tourism but also give an important statement about the values represented in their development.

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