Dubai Cruise Terminal Information

Dubai Cruise Terminal is located in Port Rashid, about 15 km from the Airport and running since 1972. About 5 lakhs tourist visit at this terminal and schedule is after mid-afternoon. For relaxing on a holiday tour, Cruise can be a nice option as it will enable you to watch the awesome views in the water and if you want to enjoy the luxurious cruise terminal, then you can decide to go at the Dubai Cruise Terminal. The time for going on the cruise in Dubai is in May and November because in these months you won’t feel much heat and you will be able to enjoy the Cruise with your family and friends.

The Dubai Cruise Terminal


  1. ATM Machine
  2. Post Office
  3. Free Internet (Wifi)
  4. Cafe
  5. Restaurants
  6. Money Exchange
  7. Free Car Parking
  8. Duty Free Outlet

Is going to Dubai Cruise terminal is worth it?

Yes, it has a wide range of facilities in it and it is the place from where you can start your ship cruise and you will be able to get the various facilities which are given below:

  • 24 hours ATM service
  • Wi-Fi facilities are available
  • Enjoy cafe and restaurants
  • Bus services to some selected malls in Dubai and airport
  • Car parking facility
  • Baggage handling areas

These were some of the main facilities which you will get the Dubai Cruise terminal and therefore you can decide to visit the terminal if you want to enjoy your holiday trip to Dubai because when you will spend your money on the Cruise, then it will be totally worth it. All the five famous docks at the Terminal are luxurious and the people can decide to take their cruise from any of the docks at the terminal.


The Port Rashid in Dubai

At Port Rashid, you will be able to find the Dubai Cruise Terminal where there are five ports to dock and every year almost five lakhs tourists dock at this terminal. The port is located from 15 km from the airport and therefore you don’t need to get worried about reaching towards the Cruise terminal because booking a cab will help you with it. Al Fardah Museum is also located near the Terminal and you can also go to the terminal from the Museum directly by booking the cab.


The schedule for most of the cruise at Dubai Cruise Terminal is after mid-afternoon. So, if you have reached at the Dubai Airport in the morning, then it is better that you have your breakfast and enjoy roaming around a bit so that you don’t have to wait for the boarding on the ship.

There are different timings for a number of ships at the terminal but all of those ships will go on after the mid-afternoon. So, it is better that you don’t let yourself irritated by waiting at the Dubai Terminal for hours and that’s why you should reach there in the afternoon. The weather in Dubai is quite hot and if you can wait at the terminal for the ship, then you can go there because you will also get the restaurant and cafe facilities where you can enjoy with your family or friends.

How can you reach the Dubai Cruise Terminal?

The Dubai airport is around half an hour far from the terminal if there is no traffic on the roads. The total distance from the airport to the terminal is around 15 km and therefore you can take a taxi or a book a cab for going to the Terminal. Now, when you have decided go for the Cruise at the Terminal, then you should book the taxi which would make you pay around 15 to 20 dollars. The terminal provides two shopping shuttles to the people which are totally free. There is a shuttle for going to Mercato Mall and City Center Drive and every hour a shuttle goes towards the terminal.

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