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Dubai is a thrilling destination with long sandy beaches, stunning islands just across the coast, breath-taking oasis resorts, and culturally unique inhabitants. It is appropriate for foreign tourists who are eager to discover unfamiliar places and cultures. Therefore, Dubai is the world’s fourth most visited destination, according to foreign visitors.


Scope of Tourism in Dubai

As per a 2018 survey, Dubai is the world’s fourth most visited region. The government of Dubai derives the majority of its income from the tourism and hospitality industry. The travel and tourism industry is one of Dubai’s highly lucrative markets, attracting numerous businessmen, stakeholders, and enterprises to grow.

The diverse tourist guides in Dubai

As tourism is booming in Dubai, and travelers across the world are flying to the soulful paradise, Dubai exhibits tourist guides who are well versed in numerous languages. It helps the multi-cultural tourists to understand, witness and enjoy the city. Tourists can converse in languages like English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and even lesser-known languages like Hebrew, with their guides.

The skilled tourist guides enhance the traveling experience of the travelers by interacting with them in their native language. It helps them feel at home, even when they away from their home country. Tourists can book them from the numerous travel and tourism companies that are set in the city. They can browse their websites and choose the tourist guide who suits their requirements and budget.

How we provide a Dubai tour guide 

Our team is composed of well-trained tour guides who are always poised to take visitors around the charming and cosmopolitan city thanks to their linguistic skills.

Depending on the country of your origin, you can choose from tour guides who are well-versed with your native language. We make sure that our tour guides understand your needs, communicates well and make you feel at home.

Our team has tour guides who can speak the following languages:

  1. English: English is an official language in Dubai and almost everyone can speak it. So, you should find it a breeze to get around the city with our tour guides, if you are visiting from an English-speaking country.
  2. Spanish: Spanish is not only spoken in Spain but also in countries such as the US and Canada. We can help you find ease in Dubai by giving you a tour guide who knows Spanish.
  3. Russian: We have a team of tour guides who have good Russian-speaking skills and can assist visitors to understand anything they find tricky.
  4. Hebrew: The Israeli language finds relevance to some extent in Dubai because there are Hebrew speakers in the city, but they are too few and far in between. Our tour guide will help you get the best experience in the city by speaking in your mother tongue.
  5. Arabic: Arabic is widely spoken in Dubai, but you might find it difficult to communicate with some locals if you don’t speak the language. Our tour guide can speak Arabic fluently and come to your rescue at times whenever you need a translation or interpretation.

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