What is the Price of Liquor at Dubai Duty Free?

Dubai International Airport is amongst the most frequented and high-status airports in the World. People who travel a great deal are likely to have had a layover here. This airport also contributes to the home economy and employs some 90,000 people. Such a great many staff at the airport are justified. This airport is characterized by extensive duty-free units that match the biggest in the World. Two examples are The DDF sector and the MAC store. They are the right places to purchase branded cigarettes and makeup kits.

Liquor at Dubai Shop

About Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai Duty-Free was established in 1983 and sold US$20 million in merchandise during its first year. It has grown to be amongst the largest travel retail operators in the world. The year 2018 was a breakthrough year. Dubai Duty-Free reached its 35th anniversary and went past US$2 billion in sales.

By the end of 2018, Dubai Duty-Free accomplished US$2.015 billion in sales. This marked an increase in sales of 4.31% over the year before.

Dubai Duty-Free presently covers a retail space of approximately 38,000 square meters at the Dubai International Airport. Some 6,100 people work here and the number will continue.

More on Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai Duty-Free boasts of premium spirits and wines. People can purchase liquors available at Dubai Duty-Free online at their home or when they are flying. The portfolio is updated regularly. People who’re unable to find something online or have some queries about what is on offer should email to info@leclos.net. A highly qualified staff is going to respond soon. People can collect their purchases at the Dubai International airport.

Liquor Price at Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai Duty-Free has quite a few liquor stores. They are present near the arrival and departure gates for the convenience to tourists. Serious liquor buyers who want the premium alcoholic beverages should visit Le Clos. While the cost here is more than usual the extra investment worth as buyers will get quality products and professional advice. This place also allows the experience of purchasing at a modern and sophisticated establishment.

A Glen Moray 1988 Rare Vintage Whisky bottle costs AED 825 and a Charles Heidsieck Rose 1985 Champagne costs AED 1,150. A Moet & Chandon MCIII Cuvee Champagne costs AED 1,800.

Quite a few top liquor Brands are available at the Dubai Duty-Free liquor stores. There are premium brands of whiskey, champagne, Cognac, gin, vodka, rum wine, tequila, and beer. Those who are interested in buying liquor at Dubai Duty-Free can see the brands available and their prices at https://www.dubaidutyfree.com/liquor/category/107/13.

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There is a limit on the amount of Alcohol that people can bring into Dubai

Travellers to Dubai are allowed to bring in a certain amount of Alcohol. The limit for alcohol is 4 liters while for beer the limit is 2 cartons where one carton has 24 cans. The capacity of a can is 355 ml. This limit stands for goods purchased anywhere including the Dubai Duty-Free at the arrivals area.

Dubai Duty-Free is also the sole place for tourists to Dubai to legally purchase alcohol. Of course, they can always have alcohol at hotel bars and eateries in the Emirate.

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