Top 10 Things to do in Dubai – Must See

If you are going to travel to Dubai then make sure to visit these things for sure. These top 10 activities can be cover in 3 days itself. Dubai, one of the posh United Arab Emirate cities, is always associated with immense luxury, super modern buildings which touch the sky and a brand shopper’s paradise. The mesmerizing architecture catches the eye and from a bird’s eye view, it’s a city of blinding lights. So if you decide to visit this lively sophisticated place, do read the list of activities you must do while visiting.

  1. The Burj Khalifa:

Standing stark and tall against the azure blue sky and sea, this tallest building of the world is a world class hotel and is a magnificent architectural piece. Its modern space craft like structure is a never miss from any part of the city, whether on ground or in air. The needle shaped building has 134 floors and online tickets are available to take quick trip to the top of the world. Mind it, tickets are expensive, but worth it!

  1. The Dubai Mall

Huge might be a small word to describe this magnanimous shopping mall! It’s that huge! Shopping and the food court are only fringe benefits in this multi-faceted mall. There is an amazing underwater world which house thousands of species of fishes and other sea animals. For the ones who love skating, there is a huge ice-skating rink and children can spend one entire day just being in Kidzania children world. The mall also houses a cinema hall and a theme park called Sega World. Not only that, there are fountain shows at six in the evening and one can seep in the relaxation and pleasure but acquiring a table outside the food stalls which line up in plenty around the mall. You might just have to plan a whole day of just shopping and being in the mall! Imagine the place during Dubai Shopping Festival!

  1. Underwater Hotel Atlantis

Another marvellous architecture which Dubai boasts of is Hotel Atlantis. It has a wide area and is built on an artificial island. The breathtaking entrance leads through the stem to a flower shaped construction of the hotel where it houses one of the largest water theme parks the Aquaventure. There is an artificial beach and numerous thrilling rides. The hotel houses several adult nightclubs as well as restaurants. There is also an underwater restaurant and rooms. Imagine the fun seeing fishes swim around you while you eat or sleep! Out of the world!

  1. Friday Brunch

Weekend in Dubai is a little different from the rest of the world. Fridays and Saturdays are off days in Dubai and weekend starts Thursday night! Friday afternoons are filled with hungry foodies as they flock towards several restaurants to take the advantage of bottomless drinks and never ending plate of food. This tradition is a must experience in Dubai and bookings in famous hotels needs to be done well in advance. The array of dishes offered will leave you baffled and your tummy and heart satisfied! So dig in!

You can also enjoy the crab hunting with family or friends.

  1. Gold Digger

So you love gold but can’t get enough options and designs. In that case or otherwise do visit the old gold market. It is simply a pleasure to experience the charm and glitter of gold everywhere in this market. Unlike other places, you will be left alone without any assistants to browse through the numerous options. The level of trust is so high. The intricate designs will make your options bewildered and you might land up buying more than you decided earlier! So carry extra cash. Addition to the gold, there will be men selling fake branded watches and bags. Be careful with them as the products do not last long. You can bargain at your heart’s content!

  1. Skiing

You must be wandering I put the word wrong. But hold on! Dubai is a place which will only surprise you more as you keep exploring. This ski stretch is nestled in the Emirates Mall and one can enjoy the snow and the sport even at sixty degree outside. It’s a dream come true! Skiing in the desert- a perfect example of an oxymoron!

  1. The Walk

This stretch of pebbled walk way is the perfect place to hangout with friends and family and eats and chat lazily. The walk stretches along the Marina sea coast of Dubai. One can simply spend pensive hours gazing into the surprising and rich lives of the Arabs. Don’t be surprised if you see a solid gold car whooshing by. That’s a common site!

  1. Desert Adventure

Talk of the desert and not be there! Impossible! So to fill up your day with a trip to the desert, a camel ride and even with permission from the Dubai Off Road Explorer pass , a relaxing dip in the natural rock pools in Wada and waterfall, Wadi Wurrayah. Trips can be booked with any local travel agent.

  1. Dubai Creek

The creek has an ancient flavour of Dubai which was used earlier by pearl divers and fishermen. Currently it houses the magnificent Dubai Museum and a traditional boat ride in an abra is available at very cheap rates. Lined along the creek are old beautiful smelling spice and textile shops.

  1. Kite Beach

For the adventure sports lovers, this beach is the perfect spot to spend a day uplifting your mood and keeps your adrenaline pushing. Dotted with numerous cafes and smoothie bars, this place is the hub of water sports and other beach games. In any point of the day, the sunny beach is seen to be a colourful and busy place to be in.

Apart from the above places, Dubai showcases numerous other malls, hotels and neighborhoods which are worth visiting. This crime free city has many grand things to display and being an Arab country it expects visitors to be sober both on drinks as well as clothing!

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